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From Disk Jockey to Artists

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Shareef Cleveland better known as DJ Reef is officially transforming from disc jockey to musical artist. He believes the change in roles will help his upcoming artists progress in the industry. I can show you better than I can tell you is his motto. "I can't expect artists I manage to figure it out, I have to guide them from the front line. Right now we are spread throughout the world doing so many things; but it's time to attack one agenda at a time."

Shareef owns the fastest-growing independent label in the industry. He represents several mainstream artists and 14 Multi-platinum producers that have won 10 Grammys and 30 Grammy nominations. He's a booking agent for over 50 artists worldwide.

"It's already hard enough to fund your projects as an independent artist but getting your foot in the door is even harder. I need to be the foot in that door! I will support my artists on and off the stage."

Shareef's official stage name will be "KWAMIN." His 5 series of albums will consist of NMS Records artists, affiliates, and well-known features. When asked what genres of music he will record his answer was, "all!" His initial release will take place in Kpando, Ghana in 2024, at the annual "Kpando is our Home" concert. Some of the special guest artists he's sending invitations to are HONĒ, Samuel G, JC, Elnaaz Norouzi, Chris Beatz, Samuel G, Vedo, Tweet, IKON, Raz B, Wakanya, Renner, Young Sixx, Naty Tiarez • J-estilo, Vic Smith, Kaitlyn Moore, J'lan Oliver, AMA Drakko, & Zae.


Kwamin Upoming Events

Partnered Organizations

Honey Music LLC, Swat Productions, Samuel G Music LLC, NO 2 Pencil Muzik, IKON Music, DOM Records, 301 Productions LLC, FCCMG, AEM Records, Charlotte Cigar Week, KRS Events and Promotions, LUV Vibe Entertainment and NMS Records Radio


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If you would like to find out more information about Kwamin's upcoming projects follow him on social media or leave a comment. Check out related posts below.

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