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North Maple Studios, founded in 2012 by Shareef Cleveland and Andre Morse, was formed to record, produce, and publish music.  In 2020, Shareef, aka DJ Reef, rebranded the company and formed NMS Records to manage and create independent artists internationally.  NMS is now home to 12 international artists, several producers, six DJs, and an Academy for DJs in Ghana.

Our Mission

The mission of NMS Records is to influence positivity and equality through gifting music to the world.  The international representation of all artists and producers transcends globally and will make an unforgettable impact.  NMS Records' undeniable and unduplicated influence in music promotes uplifting content that will live on forever.


OBS NMS logo Radio Co.png

America, Ghana and Germany


Shareef Cleveland, Chief Executive Officer, NMS Records

Andre Morse, Chief Operating Officer, NMS Records

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